viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Cabo Trafalgar 0.4.0 Released!!!

Cabo Trafalgar 0.4.0 Released!!!

After another two months from the last updated, I managed to finish all I had in mind for this release:

  • Complete internal refactoring, now it's easier to make it grow, yet learning, and almost ready for full modularity. 
  • Now maps are selectable, only two now. No collisions yet, sorry, so no islands or things like that.
  • Now ships are selectable, only two now, but it's been a good research for providing something a bit closer to reality than a surface of wood. It doesn't move, but the polar curve is a bit closer to reality.
    • As a consequence, ShipModelOne is more difficult to use, but gives better results. 
  • WindTunnel, for me, for making the ship development easier, for you, maybe you want to learn a bit more about how your ship behaves.
  • Ghost ship (default enabled). The game is recording your positions, and playing it back when playing again, so you can compete with yourself.
  • Local ranking for every map.
  • Red arrow for wind (is it supposed to improve?)
  • All in a jar, directly executable with java -jar jarname.jar
  • Lots of bugs introduced.
  • Lots of bugs fixed.
  • Mavenized
  • Professional build environment: Jenkins, Artifactory, Sonar.

And thousands of ideas for next releases :)

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