domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Little update 11/11/2012

Hi all

I better go explaining what I'm doing during this long period between releases.

Right now, I'm "investing" some time in having a "Wind Tunnel", a small universe where I can control better the wind and the ship position, without bothering of other game mechanism as the ticking clock, the ghost configuration and the camera movements.

In this wind tunnel, I enforce the ship not to move, but the ship itself is still calculating its own movements, they'll be collected and it'll be useful for a ship development.
I'll also have control over the position and the power of a wind generator, and over the ship control themselves, and the output in terms of speed and inclinations will be printed on screen.

By doing this work, I've also worked in the modularity of the whole system, trying to make easier to create mods for the game. It's not ready though, lots of work to do yet, specially in the Game Builder, it must allow registration of objects from every mod, so the Wind Tunnel would be able to ask "what ships are available to test" and the builder would respond with the registered data.

Many ideas, and little time.

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