martes, 13 de enero de 2015

Cabo Trafalgar v0.9 Released!

Big one!

Connected with LazyLogin and RecordServer services to provide online services.
Profile manager screen.
Control selection to be ready for more than keyboard, and key selection screens.
New Ship introduced, with weight balance control apart from MainSail and Rudder.
Map selection screen now with descriptions and graphic maps for a better understanding.
Introduced tidal sea movement (sea currents) as a possible element in the maps.
Win installer.
Enhanced dynamics, more realistic.
A thousand bugs and aesthetical details fixed. Probably another two thousands created.
And an exit button!!


Windows users: Download caboTrafalgar.exe
Linux users: Download JMonkeyClient-0.9.jar and execute it with java -jar JMonkeyClient-0.9.jar

Required: Oracle Java 1.7, Openjdk 1.7 or Oracle Java 1.8, as well as a good graphic card.

Download from:

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