domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

LazyLogin 1.4, what's coming

Maybe because I'm a software engineer, maybe because I'm not good with words, this is my preferred way of explaining what's coming with next version of LazyLogin.

I'm quite happy with current status of 1.3, simple protocol and execution, simple service, and it was enough for the main public release so far for Cabo Trafalgar (0.9).

Now it's time for preparing it for the upcoming developments, and finishing the original ideas that were just half done, promising myself I'd finish them when I saw the concept working.

First, I need to decouple the embedded AMQ, and maybe replacing it with another MQ system. Once done this, LL will publish user information (properly protected, but bearing in mind that this system is meant to be closed and some information can be shared among systems). By all means, I'll try to keep email absolutely enclosed to LL, but I'll need some replacement for private key in the meantime for unverified users.

To these changes, we need to add a proper way to measure performance, securing endpoints with some SSL protection, a better coverage of test across component, integration, sanity and unit, and adding performance testing for first time.

Finally, a notification service integrated in LL would allow our services to send notification emails to users without knowing their address, keeping it safe forever.

I plan to spend some months with this, then, much more to come..

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