miércoles, 8 de julio de 2015

Nifty-flow code released

I finally managed to separate my nifty-flow from cabotrafalgar, and it's started to be ready to open to other users.

What's nifty-flow?
  • A library that helps you to create series of screens to be played in order.
  • A library that helps you to share screens, as they won't need to know where to point next, screens are no longer pointing to other screens.
  • A library that helps you to reuse the same screen, accesible from different screens, allowing decoupling content and routing.
  • A library that (will) help you to apply template technologies to save time creating dynamic screens avoiding java builders.
  • If you're using Spring or Guice for wiring your instances, we won't complain, it's generic enough to accept instances from any system (as long as you build the bridge wink)
It's build on the top of nifty 1.3.3, and fully compatible with jme3 AFAIK.
Code and example here: https://github.com/albertonavarro/nifty-flow
Feedback is welcome, the project works for me though smile


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