domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Releasing 0.1!!

About two months since I started working for third time in this personal project, I can say I have something playable, and good enough for showing!



  • Not networked.
  • Poorly modelled one rigid sail ship.
  • Default water, using shader.
  • One player.
  • One mode, against the clock.
  • Not ready for plugins.
  • Fixed key definitions.
  • Fixed graphics configuration. 

Technologies and tools:

  • Java
  • JMonkeyEngine + Nifty-GUI
  • Netbeans
  • Blender

Some pictures:

The best window isn't mine :)

Not even this picture, direct from nifty-gui example.

Top menu, some cameras, useful info at top left, debug info bottom left.

Popups when pressed ESC or X menu button.

And now the game, you have to use the rudder and the sails for taking the wind (little red arrow over the hull) and touch those red millestones.

Another camera, targetCamera, will allow you to see in every moment your ship and the next millestone at the same time. Your ship'll become transparent for a better visibility of the millestones.

Millestones will turn green once touched, and camera will change to next untouched one.

Video demo:

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